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As a licensed paralegal member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario, the integrity of the profession is at stake, when dealing with client’s matter.

– Kamal M-Rezabeik

Wrongful Dismissal Banner

Wrongful Dismissal

Fired. Dismissed. Terminated. Laid-off. However you characterize it, losing your job can ...
Immigration Refugees Banner

Immigration And Refugees

Oracle Legal Services can help persons appearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board ...
Landlord Tenant Legal Banner

Landlord And Tenant

The Landlord and Tenant Board can be an intimidating institution. Extremely strict about ...
Small Claims Court Banner

Small Claims Court

What To Do If I Am Being Sued In Small Claims Court? I Just Received A Statement Of Claim, ...
Employment Law Banner

Employment Law

Few employers realize the liability they are exposing themselves to by failing to have adequate ...
Wsib Claims Legal Banner

WSIB Claims

When you are injured at work you need to focus on recovery rather than navigate the difficult ...
Human Rights Complaints Banner

Human Rights Complaints

Suffering a breach of one's Human Rights can be humiliating, enraging, and often costly ...
Commissioner Oath Taking Affidavit Banner

Commissioner Of Oath For Taking Affidavit

The Commissioning and Declarations can be done in person or virtually via video conference.
Theft Under 5000 Shoplifting Banner

Theft Under $5,000 (Shoplifting)

Shoplifting might seem like a minor inconvenience if you have been charged

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