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NOTARY PUBLIC / Commissioner of Oath for Taking Affidavit in Toronto (GTA)

Commissioning Documents with Declarations by swearing or affirmation.
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Commissioner Oath Taking Affidavit Legal Services Toronto

The Commissioning and Declarations can be done in person or virtually via video conference. However, notarizing true copies and signature witnessing must be done in person.

  • Fees for notarizing true copies is $25.00 plus HST and each additional page is $10.00 Plus HST.
  • Fees for commissioning for taking affidavit of oath is $25.00 plus HST and each additional page is $10.00 plus HST.
  • For sending documents via Xpress Post there’s an additional fee of $20.00.
  • For sending documents via regular post – included in the fee noted above.
  • Gold seal sticker included (if it is required).


After contacting our office and making an appointment, please provide the following documents:

  • Cash or company cheque payment, no credit allowed (in order to reduce transaction fees and save you money).
  • One government issued photo identification (example, citizenship card, permanent resident care, driver’s license, OHIP) or TWO government issued non-photo identification (examples include: SIN card, birth certificate)


  • Bring the photocopy and the original document- the notary must view the original.
  • If you are photocopying multiple documents onto a single page, by law each photocopied image requires its own seal. A fee for each seal is required.
  • A multi-page document and signature stamp must be done for other pages. The Notary will seal the first page and signature stamp other pages. 


  • Before arriving at our office, please mark an ‘X’ at each place the Notary is to sign (to save us both time).
  • Complete all of your documents: fill in forms, enter ID numbers, attach photographs if required, etc., BEFORE arriving at our office.
  • Do not sign or date the documents before seeing the It is the Notary’s job to properly identify you and witness you signing.
  • The name on the Government issued photo ID you bring must match the name you are using on your document; this is especially important when you have two last names.
  • Notary fees are charged per notary signature and seal, not per document.

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