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WSIB Claims

Personal Injury, Work-Related Injuries
Wsib Claims Legal Services Toronto

When you are injured at work you need to focus on recovery rather than navigate the difficult and often confusing world of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Let Oracle Legal Service take over the administration of your WSIB claim so you can spend your energy getting better.

Workers rarely have a complete understanding of the WSIB scheme. There are a large number of interconnected rights and responsibilities when you become injured at work and many of them are not immediately obvious. A failure to retain legal representation to protect your rights can result in your claim being dismissed despite your being entitled to benefits. Do not take that risk. Oracle Legal Services can help you navigate the entire process, from the moment you’re injured until the moment the Board issues their ruling.

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arashid Popo

I highly recommend Oracle Legal services, I wanted to evict my tenant. After, taking to Mr. Rezabeik, he gave great advice.

Sahara Dust

I would like to express my gratitude over this review. I had a wonderful dismissal case and I had my matter settled very fast and got my cheque. Thank you Oracle Legal Services for great experience.

ariyan V

Their fees are very reasonable, I had used the services of other paralegals before, and in comparison, their fees are reasonable.

John Kotter

I had a judgement and I went to Oracle Legal services for Enforcement of judgment. They got my money after filing a garnishment of the bank. I am very happy with the services I received.