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Employment Law in Toronto (GTA)

Rights of Employers & Employment Contract
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Employment Law Legal Services Toronto

Few employers realize the liability they are exposing themselves to by failing to have adequate legal protections when hiring employees until it’s too late. A frighteningly large number of employers, some very large, have incredibly weak employment contracts that allow any savvy terminated employee to run roughshod over them. Without a well-drafted employment contract you can end up paying tens of thousands more in severance then you bargained for every time you fire an employee. We should know; we’re often the ones that get them that money. It can add up fast.

Oracle Legal Services can help you protect your rights and draft a reasonable employment contract that complies with all relevant laws and doesn’t expose you to unnecessary risk. Internet contract templates just don’t offer sufficient protection. We know all the tricks lawyers and paralegals use to challenge employment contract provisions because we use them ourselves. With the help of Oracle Legal Services you can protect yourself from the potentially unforeseen consequences of terminating an inadequate employee.

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